Wednesday evenings


7:00-8:30 pm
with Kelsang Zopa

Weekend and evening classes are open to everyone. Although presented as a series the evening classes also stand alone. Come to as many classes as you wish. Each class includes guided meditation, a talk, and questions and answers. Tea, cookies and relaxed conversation follow. No pre-registration is required unless otherwise stated.

The Joyful Land Buddhist Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving others. The cost for each class is $10 (4 classes for $30.00).

Free meditation talk

Sept. 9
Want to learn to meditate? Think you can’t meditate? This class is for you!
This introductory class is for you if you have always wondered how meditation can help you lead a happier and more peaceful life but didn’t know where to start.


The Impact of Meditation

This series of classes is for all meditators, experienced or beginner. Kelsang Zopa will help you deepen your experience of meditation through practical teachings and actual meditation practice in every class. Want to learn to meditate? Think you can’t meditate? These classes are for you!

Sept. 9
Free meditation talk
Sept. 16
Becoming the master of our thoughts
Sept. 23
Staying confident and enjoying meditation



Nothing harms us more than anger

In this modern world, we encounter so many frustrations and our level of dissatisfaction seems to be growing. Using Kadampa meditations and wisdom, Kelsang Zopa will show that we can learn to manage our objectives and goals and to liberate ourselves from frustration and anger. With this newfound inner peace and happiness we are able to face difficulties with a calm and peaceful mind. Since problems arise only if we respond to difficulties with a negative state of mind, in this way we can solve all our problems!

Sept. 30
The faults of anger

Oct. 7
Knowing how and why we get angry

Oct. 14
Developing patience

Oct. 21
Learning not to retaliate


Why solving our problems doesn’t actually make us happy

We all have experienced that our attitude transforms a problem into an opportunity. Yet, in our hectic world, problems are the norm and seem to appear much more easily than we wish. In this series of classes, Kelsang Zopa will address why this is so and explain how it is possible to develop mental habits that will keep us happy and peaceful, whatever problems we face.

Oct. 28
Why are there always new problems in our lives?

Nov. 4
Our attitude towards problems creates more problems

Nov. 11
How to react differently towards problems

Nov. 18
The ultimate solution to our problems



Loving joyfully and letting go

In this series of classes, Kelsang Zopa will help us contemplate the difference between love and attachment. Integrating this wisdom into our lives helps us to love joyfully, without the pain of letting go when the inevitable separation occurs. Our attachment is so strong, and we confuse it with love, so it is very liberating to discover the freedom of loving in such a deep way.

Nov. 25
Why love never causes suffering

Dec. 2
We all have the potential for pure love

Dec. 9
How to stay peaceful when a loved one leaves us

Dec. 16
Why real freedom is not indifference to others


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